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About Us

Finity Electronics is a startup launched in 2019 with aim of designing and developing industrial grade electronic products for electric panel control and timer-based automation systems. Apart from designing, we also aim at giving technical solutions to our customers and develop products as per their needs. We have fresh minds for designing our products which are proudly Made in India.

Our fields of Technicality

Currently we cater in following technicalities:

Empowering system control with microcontroller functionality.

PCB designing as per product need.

Embedding digital display for the systems requiring voltage, current, temperature, time and count displays.

Measuring instruments for panel including voltmeter, ammeter both AC & DC.

Designing outer case or shell required for enclosing the product.

Customer satisfaction and learning approach will always be our ideals. Walking this path, we aim to achieve excellence, deliver advanced products and services beyond expectations.

MIHIR KHATRI, Proprietor, Finity Electronics

We proudly say that all of our products are designed and Made in India.

We also support Make in India initiative by Govt of India.